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apache Velocity default silent mode

The default velocity behavior for non-resolved attributes is to print the original attribute key, for example ${foobar} This can be changed by using silent mode: $!{foobar} But there is a downside to this notation, you have to use an exlamation mark for every attribute. There is no property to change this, but there is a … lees meer

Persist a Map using Hibernate

Persisting a Map to a single column is fairly easy, as long as your Map implementation is Serializable. Unfortunately, the serialized representation of the map is not really “human readable”. Using hibernate’s custom UserTypes this problem can be fixed. Let’s say, for instance, you want to persist simple key-value-pairs to a table, without having to … lees meer

Multiple Tiles configurations using Spring

Log4j – Netcool pattern conversion

For a project i am working on i was faced with the following problem: When the application generates an error, this error should be sent to a (remote) syslog deamon. Now this is not a big challenge, but the required generated output was. The customer wanted a mapping between the ‘normal’ log4j priorities: WARN, ERROR, … lees meer

Bridget in Beeld

Website voor grafisch vormgever en designer Bridget Bensdorp, gebaseerd op WordPress. Focus op specifieke foto / beeld gallerij.